~ Narrative Let's Plays (and other gaming commentaries) ~ On this channel I release unique gameplay commentaries with a mind to entertaining, educating or immersing the viewer in the game, and adding value to the video beyond the gameplay itself. In particular I showcase my 'narrative let's plays' (NLP) that combine original fiction with gameplay commentary. The selection of videos grows constantly, so I hope you'll find something you enjoy! Twitter Feed: Current Release Schedule: * Saturday - Barbarian Masters (Shogun 2 NLP) * Friday - Fields of Mars (TW Attila Roman Britain NLP) * Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday: This Is Content - various live enterainment LPs * Monday, Wednesday: Abridged Gameplay and Commentary videos Check the Playlists for my other completed shows. Addicted to NLPs? Drop some dough into the pro-NLP fund:

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